Where to buy Shaligram in Nepal?

Nepali Shaligram Stones

>> Shaligram is direct symbol of Lord Vishnu. Shaligram is idol or dev-Shila(murti) of lord vishnu. Shaligram is only found in Sacred gandaki river,Muktinath,Nepal. There are many names of shaligram like krishna shaligram,Ram,vishnu,kurma,matsya,varaha shaligram,sudarshan chakra shaligram etc. It is also said that if we donot know name of shaligram we should consider him Krishna.

Shaligram is found with chakra,round,oval,smaller or big in appearance. You can get best place to purchase or buy shaligram shop details very below.

shiva shaligram
Lord vishnu
Vausdev Narayan Salagram(shaligram)
swarna(golden) Sudarshan chakra Matsya saligram

There is no any beautiful,sacred(pabitra), symbol of lord narayan(lord vishnu) than Shaligram in world because it have lord vishnu sudarshan chakra in it. Some also have shivalinga.

Where lord narayan(vishnu) shaligram is worship there cannot be problem. God vishnu become happy by only offering 1 tulasi leaves to godshaligram bhagwan than we canot define benefits of shaligram worship and offering with 108 tulasi leaves. Worshipping shaligram with devotion provide happiness,prosperity,it increase the respect. The bath holy water or panchamrit to shaligram if drank wash away all kind of Sin,negative thought. It provide and increase positive thinking. Those who worship shaligram in home will attain vaikuntha(home of lord vishnu). The yama duta donot touch to who worship shaligram or they should not see door of hell. These people will be treated seperately. They will attain Mukti(salvation). So shaligram is also known as Muktinath shaligram. Please establish shaligram in home. In kaliyuga he is Real Narayana.

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Shop name – Himalaya Rudraksha bhandar

Address – Pashupatinath temple,kathmandu,Nepal

Website – www.nepalrudraksha.com

Email – nepalrudraksha1@gmail.com

phone – +977 – 9803021519 , Contact name – Mr.Ankit Dulal

Don’t be confuse with same name because other name of shaligram ji is also called salagrama,salagram, saligrama,saligrama

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