Vishnu Paduka shaligram

Lord vishnu is the supreme and great god in hinduism. The lotus feet of lord vishnu is known as vishnu paduka. Vishnu paduka saligram stone is one of the rare kind of shaligram found in very less number.

Paduka is made up of two words meaning “pad” meaning foot and “ka” meaning the of . vishnu paduka meaning is blessed foot of lord vishnu.

Only lucky devotees of lord vishnu get chance to worship vishnu paduka shaligram. If we ever donot find vishnu paduka shaligram we can worship vishnu paduka made up of other stone except saligram. As well as metals(brass),silver or gold vishnu paduka is also made according to order.

Vishnu paduka worship pleases divine ancestors.  Lord vishnu is known as preserver. The one who worship shaligram daily with devotion with vishnu mantra(hymn) cuch devoteeis preserve by lord vishnu himself.

sacred and rare vishnu paduka shaligram,foot print of lord vishnu with chakra mark.
copper vishnu charan paduka – foot of lord vishnu(narayana),emlem with different auspicious marks like lotus flower,chakra(wheel),shankha(concha),swastik etc.