Shaligram Importance

Shaligram others name are salagram,saligrama,salagrama,saligram shila or just shaligram. These name are spoken according to place and region.But most used word is simply “shaligram“.

Shaligram is sacred stone found in Kali gandaki river (oldest name – Krishna gandaki river) which flows from damodar kunda in western Nepal.

Shaligram  is direct symbol of lord vishnu(hindu god of presever). For Shaligram idol and statue we also say shaligram shila or shaligram moorti. Shaligram is found with chakra,without chakra,round and different shape. Black shaligram is mostly worshipped and is very auspicious to worship black color saligram. Other color shaligram are blue,yellow which are good. Red is not worshipped in house but temple. Worship of shaligram Pleases lord vishnu.

Only single tulsi leaves offered in morning puja to shaligram pleases bhagwan vishnu. But we should not offer tulsi(holy basil) leaves in night.

Image – shaligram with emblem(chakra mark) and Round shaligram

In different puranas (hindu scripture) we can find shaligram meaning,story,method of worship,benefits and importance along with its different names (type) and identifications.

Lord vishnu has incarnated himself in different form in different yuga(time). There are total four stages of time in hinduism,they are satya yuga,treta,dwapar and kaliyuga.Lord vishnu incarnate himself in many form to protect his devotees and to save the world.

Different types of shaligram is worshipped according to different form of lord vishnu.

Some of the name of saligram are,krishna shaligram,Rama shaligram,laxmi narayan shaligram etc are varity types and names of shaligram. There are more than 108 types of shaligram. Whose most of the information is found on our Site.

Shaligram are only found in gandaki river,muktinath Nepal. Except nepal it is not found in other place. If found,it donot look like nepal shaligram. The importance of gandaki river is found in puran(hindu scripture). The south indian devotees identify this place among 108 divya desam (sacred site of lord vishnu). Yog vasistha “conversation of lord ram and his guru vasistha” mentions the visit and importance of God Ram in this place.

Shaligram have natural wheel emblem,which are known as Chakra. And those who worship shaligram which have chakra on it are very blessful person in this world. And shaligram are also found in round shape. Round shaligram are also very auspicious. They are very divine because they are form of lord krishna (laddu gopal).

Shaligram are found with chakra or without chakra, round or oval or flat shape. Shaligram are found in varity color but common in worship is black. Black is auspicious where as  other auspicious color saligram are white,blue,green,yellow etc. RED color shaligram is prohibited (not allowed) to worship in house. Red bring quarrel,disturbance in house. Whereas other any kinds of saligram can be worship.

Very big shaligram is worshipped in temple only. But temple can keep small and medium size shaligram as well. Specially for house worshipping medium and small shaligram is Best.

Importance of  Shaligram shilas.

1) Shaligram worship pleases lord vishnu,kul devta,ista devta ,laxmi narayan,shivaparvati.

2) Shaligram worship pleases Maha laxmi (Goddess of wealth), Durga mata (Goddess of power/protector) and Maha Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge).

3) Those who worship shaligram in house and bath shaligram every day with pure water or Panchamrit. And offer the food (naivedam) every day are great devotees in this entire world. These house have blessing of Annapurna mata(mother of rice). The Sin which has been done in 100 birth will  be washed  away of these great devotees. And after end of life,finally attain Vishnu loka or vaikuntha(home of lord vishnu).

4) Worship of shaligram provide four important values in their life ,1) Dharma (religious value), 2) Artha(economy value), 3) Kam(Pleasure/satisfaction), 4) Moksha (salvation or free from birth or blissful happiness).

5) While worshipping Shaligram,we must offer tulsi leaves to shaligram. Only keeping single leaves of tulsi to saligram pleases lord vishnu. Tulsi leaves is very much favourite to lord Vishnu. So if  tulsi leaves is available. We must offer to shaligram. And we can start prayer to lord shaligram(vishnu). Tulsi saligram marriage ceremony is celebrated every year in hindus homes/temples.

6) All god vishnu,laxmi,shiva,durga,ganesh,krishna ram,yama,kuber,narad etc are happy to this great devotees who worship  shaligram and wear Rudraksha beads in house and body.

Some of the many names of shaligram

1) Sudarshan shaligram 2) Vishnu shaligram 3) Shiva shaligram 4) Laxmi Narayan shaligram 5) Laxmi narasimha shaligram

6) Kurma shaligram 7) Matsya shaligram 8) Varaha shaligram 9) Ram shaligram 10) Vaman Shaligram

11) Parshuram Shaligram 12) Krishna Shaligram 13) Narasimha shaligram 14) Budha Shaligram

15) Kalki Shaligram 16) Balaram shaligram 17) Santhan gopal shaligram 18) Laddu gopal shaligram

19) Hayagriva shaligram 20) Damodar shaligram 21) Hiranya garva shaligram 22) Ratna garbha shaligram

23) Govinda shaligram 24) Madhusudan shaligram 25 ) Gopal Shaligram  26) Damodarkund shaligram

27) ugra,jwala,malola and other narasimha shaligram 28) Balaji (ventakesh shaligram)

29) Laxmi shaligram  30) Sita Rama shaligram 31) Panchayan shaligram (Panchayan means Five different shaligram , they are ganesh,durga,surya,shiva,vishnu),32) laxmi shaligram

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