Santhan gopal shaligram

Santhan gopal Shaligram shila 
– Santhan gopala or Santan Gopal is auspicious name of Lord Shree Krishna. Krishna is worship by refering various Gopal . Santhan gopal or santan gopal shaligram looks like shape of damaru of god shiva. Whereas round is known as laddugopal and also krishna.

Some of the gopala are Madan gopal,bal gopal, venu gopal,krishna gopal,Santhan gopal. And other names of krishna except gopal are Keshav,Achyut,Damodara,Gopinatha,madhusudan,rishikesh etc.

Santhan gopal shaligram is very auspicious to worship in house.

Santan gopal shaligram

There is always Blessing to children and Family in house. Santhan or Santan meaning is family members and gopal is name of Lord Krishna. The god who bless family(santana) is known as santan gopal.

Santan gopal is worship in metal statues, shaligram and also in images.