Pashupatinath Temple – God pashupati/Shiva.

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Pashupatinath Temple Nepal

Pashupatinath temple is famous temples for all hindus non hindus and shiva devotees around the world. Pashupatinath temple is temple of lord shiva. Pashupatinath temple is situated in kathmandu,nepal. It is also listed in Unesco world heritage site of Nepal.

shiva parvati

The shivalinga situated at Pashupatinath temple is known lORD PASHUPATI. Deity is also known as jyotirlinga (brighten face/brighten idol).

Lord pashupati have total  4 face in 4 gates.  Four face name is aghor,bamdev,saddojat,tatpurush. And head or hair part (palate) above all four face is worshipped as ishana. So total 5. Ishana or ISHAN means lord shiva favourite and great name. Here is the eight name of shiva derived in shiva puran. They are mahadev,ishan,bhava,sarva,bhima,pashupati,rudra,ugra.

Camera is not allowed inside the temple so to take  image of main deity of  pashupatinath is not allowed . Other things which are not allowed in temple are shoes,leather belt,bag or jacket. And also be aware of monkey if you are carrying banana and fruits in hand. Also be aware with pickpocketers if you are wearing valuable oranment. Please save your purses and bag.

Image – Entrance Gate of lord pashupatinath and Similar looking to pashupatinath shivalinga (situated in sacred place of nepal but not main pashupatinath shivling).

Image – Devotees gather inside temple in monday(shiva day). East view of Pashupatinath temple (from the bank of bagmati river).

Image – Crowded pashupatinath in shiva festival “shivaratri” which comes every year. West view of pashupatinath,gate at west(main entrance gates of temples).

Pashupatinath origin story

– Pashupatinath (appearance of lord pashupati) shivalinga have many origin story. We discuss here two story about pashupatinath.

  1. quarrel between brahma and vishnu – Lord vishnu and brahma was quarreling and fighting saying that i am bigger than you. I came first. At that time shiva came with huge jyotirling(shivalinga) and says those who find begining and end of this shivalinga will be great. Lord vishnu went down and brahma dev went above. But both could not find it in 1000 years also. So vishnu return and pray shiva. But brahma tell lies and bring flower ketaki and one cow to reveal that he has seen it. After it shiva curse brahma(not be worshipped),ketaki flower(not used in shiva worship and kamdhenu cow(not used her mik). Lord vishnu get boon that he will be worshipped every where.
  2. Story of kamdhenu Cow – There is also story of lord pashupatinath and kamdhenu cow regarding origin of lord pashupati. There was a farmer. He has many cow. One of the cow always used to offer milk in plain land everyday. Farmer was curious why she didnot gave milk. So he went back of cow where she goes. Farmer saw cow offering milk in plain land. All farmer of that time dig the land where cow used to offer milk. Farmer found the brighten shivalinga. It is believed that all person who saw that brighten shivalinga was dead due to its fire or brightness (became bhasma or turns into ash). The light of shivalinga started threaten all three world. After the appearance of shivalinga it is said that lord vishnu,brahma,indra and other god came here and establish four face and hide light of shivalinga. They started praying for long time with “om nama shivaya” mantra after it god shiva was pleased and boon to all gods.

Imagepashupatinath shivalinga somewhere in museum and normal shivalinga. Normal or plain shivalinga is worshipped in most of the house and temples. Where as only lord pashupati is self appeared god with 4 face. Pashupatinath is also known as bhu linga (bhu mean earth :ie self appeared god). We can find both types of shivalinga importance in shiva puran.

Festivals Celebrated in Pashupatinath temple Nepal.
  1. shivaratri – Shivaratri is birth day of shiva which falls on month of falguna(feb-march). Holy bath to pashupatinath shivalinga is done from morning to night. Total 8 prahar (time of shiva). It is the most crowded festival in nepal,specially every shiva temple is filled up.
  2. teej or hari talika teej – It is celebrated by mostly women and girls for the long life of husband and children and to get good husband. It falls on month of bhadra(aug-sept).
  3. balachaturdashi – Many people from different village and city of nepal gather at area of pashupatinath and stay whole night by lighting oil lamp(diya) for the welfare of death ancestors/family. Pashupatinath area is sacred area. In this auspicious days gems of frog(paras mani),nag mani(gems of snake),ek mukhi rudraksha (shiva beads) is available for looking(darshan) for one day.
  4. Shravan month and mainly every shravan monday – Shravan month and every shravan monday is favourite to lord shiva. Shravan month is the month on which mother parvati fastest for shiva to get shiva husband (shrawan month is late july to august).
  5. Ekadashi – Ekadashi is sacred day which fall every month two time. In this day every shiva and vishnu temple of nepal is crowded. It falls in 11 lunar days which passes two time in hindu calendar.
  6. Every monday – Monday is favourite to Lord shiva. Monday is also known as Somvar or sombar which means days of shiva parvati. And shiva along with parvati(uma). Worshipping shiva in monday pleases shiva and mother parvati.
  7. Other festival are Purnima(full moon day),Navratri,Krishna astami,Saraswoti puja, deepawali,vaikuntha chaturdashi etc.
Different God and Goddess temple inside Pashupatinath temple

There are many god and goddess inside pashupatinath temple. here are some of the list of god/goddess (devi devta).

  1. North – Basuki nag raj temple(basuki is snake worn by lord shiva in his neck,temple is dedicated to lord basuki), Big trident or trishul ,Ardhanareshwor(shivaparvati), many shivalinga,baglamukhi,surya,bhairav etc.
  2. South – Big bhairav whose name is “unmatta” which falls on eight bhairav(asta bhairava), Kriti mukh bhairav(one head bhairav),64 shivalinga temple,Natrajeshwor mahadev,many shivalinga,bhimsen,navagrah(9 planet), ganesh,nine durga or sapta matrika include dakshinkali,bel leaves tree etc.
  3. West – Hanuman,Satya narayana,many shivalinga,bel leaves trees,saraswoti,many shivalinga etc.
  4. East – Sleeping vishnu,saraswoti,ganesha,asta chirangeevi,mukti mandap (place to rest for salvation),krishna,many shivalinga,surya narayana.

In Outside temple premises also we can find many temples of varity of god in pashupatinath area. Like Sita ram temple,laxmi narayan temple,many shivalinga,gorakhnath temple,mrigasthali jungle(where shiva walked as deer), bagmati river (originated from shiva mouth,while laughing the water from shiva mouth fell in land which give origin to bagmati river) and other many sacred temple and deity is situated in pashupatinath area.

Cremation area or Ghat – Similar as kashi(india famous temple) , Pashupatinath temple have ghat where death person is burned every day. These ashes are thrown to bagmati river,because bagmati river is sacred river which originated from shiva mouth.

image – creamtion at ghat of pashupatinath

Pashupatinath pancha brahma maha mantra –  Five Face mantra

– Main mantra to please lord shiva is “Om nama shivaya”  or “nama shivaya” whereas Pashupati mantra or worship is also done through pashupati mantra. It is described in shiva puran that lord krishna took pashupati fast to please lord shiva. Reciting pashupati mantra pleases lord shiva .

  1. west face of pashupatinath – Sadhyojata is name of lord shiva. Sadhyojata is west face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is “Om Sadhyojatam prapadami Saddhojataye wei namo namah Bhave bhave nati bhave bhavasomam bavodh bhavaye namah”.
  2.  North face of pashupatinath – Bamdev or vamadeva is name of lord shiva. Bamdev is north face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is ” Bamadevayo namah jesthaye namah Shresthaye namah rudraye namah kalaye namah kala vikaranaye namo bala vikaranaye namo balaye namo bala pramathanaye namah. Sarva bhuta damanaye namo manonmanaye namah
  3. South face of pashupatinath – Aghor is name of lord shiva. It is said that aghor is best mantra to please lord shiva. Lord shiva said among mantra i am aghor. Aghor is south face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is ” Om aghor re bhyo tha ghore bhyo ghora ghora tarabhya sarvebhya sarva sarbhevyo namaste astu rudra rupepbhya”.
  4. East face of pashupatinath – Tatpurush is name of lord shiva. Tatpurush is east face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is “Om tatpurushaye vidmahe mahadevaya dhimahi tanno rudra prachodayat”.
  5.  Palate(तालु ) – Ishan is name of lord shiva. Ishan is palate face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is “Ishana sarva vidyanam,ishwora sarva bhutanam brahmadhi pati brahmano adhipati brahma sivo meh astu sada shivoham”.

Video for pashupati mantra and shiva shiva bhajan

– Pashupati tanaya bala gajanana

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