shaligram story

– There was demon whose name was jalandhar. His wife name was Vrinda. They was talking each other. Demon describe the beauty of his wife. Vrinda says to his husband that my beauty is nothing if you see Parvati,wife of Shiva.what would you think?, Demon started thinking of mother parvati. Demon went to kailash(home of lord shiva) with bad intention. At that time,lord shiva was not in his home. Jalandhar turned himself in shiva form and went to meet mother parvati(shiva wife).

Mother parvati comes by taking water in her hand to wash duplicate husband feet.It is one of the culture in our hinduism to pay respect to husband.

Jalandhar fended in ground after seeing mother parvati face. Mother parvati realize he is not lord shiva. Mother parvati remember lord vishnu for help. Just by remembering in second lord vishnu arrive in kailasha. Lord vishnu says that mother i will search lord shiva and say all things about arrival of demon in shiva duplicate form. Lord vishnu closes his eyes and search shiva. Shiva was swiming by being swan in mount kailash “mansarovar lake”. Vishnu went there and meet shiva. And says all incident happen in kailash(shiv home).

Shiva became very angry and plan to kill demon. Lord shiva fought with this demon for many years but could not win him. Shiva realize that he is save with power of his chaste wife. So shiva order lord vishnu to destroy chaste of vrinda(demon jalandhar wife).

Lord vishnu went to jalandhar demon house in form of jalandhar and destroy chaste of vrinda. Vrinda realize he is not my husband but lord vishnu when lord vishnu show his original form.Vrinda gave four curse to lord vishnu and surrender herself to fire. Vrinda is also believed to be lord vishnu great devotees. The four curse she gave to lord vishnu is to be stone (shaligram), to be plants(tulsi), to be grass (kush) and to be trees (peepal). As vrinda was lord vishnu devotee,lord vishnu transfer vrinda soul to tulsi. He boon that you will be worship with me. You will be my wife in this form. Tulsi shaligram marriage is also celebrated every year.

After it,Lord shiva kill demon jalandhar with his trishul (trident) after vrinda chaste is destroyed by lord vishnu.

Deity at muktinath temple
God narayana shaligram (lord vishnu shaligram)

Things to know About Shaligram Shila.

– Shaligram is a sacred stone found in river gandaki Nepal. Shaligram is direct symbol of lord vishnu(hindu-god). Shaligram is believed to have origin more than  thousand of years old ago. Sri saligram history can be found in  different puran (Religious script) like vishnu puran,shiva puran,bhagvad puran etc. Shaligram is not found in other river or Country. But it is only Found in Nepal. Eventhough if we get shaligram in other country and river,they are known as fossil or ammonites stone . They are not religious important comparing to nepal because we can find importance of gandaki river in puran. Holy and divine gandaki river lies in western nepal. Saligram found in Other place donot look like shaligram found in nepal.

The shaligram origin place is gandaki river (Muktinath Dham) which lies in west region of Nepal in Mustang district.The temperature here is cold and in winter heavy snow fall appear in this holy place. The famous attraction at this greatest Religious place is Muktinath temple and damodarkunda.Damodarkunda is main origin place of saligram from where saligram flows to gandaki river.

The muktinath temple is symbol of lord vishnu and shiva.At side of lord muktinath Bhu laxmi and saraswati is emblem in left/right of lord muktinath.. At muktinath there is 108 stone tap. It is believed that when we bath together at this 108 tab all sin will be washed away.

Water of gandaki river and damodar kunda is same which originates from himalaya. Damodar kunda is sacred place named after lord damodar(krishna) and kunda meaning holy lake. This lake is large and attraction places to all devotees. Many devotees snan(ritual bath) here. The main purpose people attend this place is doing sraddha( ancestor rituals).

Those devotees who visit shaligram origin place,Gandaki river For religious purpose once in life.. The birth of their life is sucess with blessing of lord vishnu . Damodar is very far and horse ride is available from middle of way. From muktinath it take 7 days to reach damodarkunda.

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