Narmada shaligram

Narmada stone shivling.

Narmada saligram mainly known as narmada shivalinga. It is symbol and representation of god shiva. It is found in narmada river.

Other name for narmada shivalinga or shaligram is narbadeshwor or narmadeshwor mahadev.

Narmada linga(narmade sivling) is also known as bana linga or bhu linga. Because this shivalinga is not made by man. And it is found itself in narmada river. Nowadays we can see many fake narmada linga in market. But we offer only original narmada shiva shaligram.

There is interesting story about narmada shivalinga. Once upon a time narmada river(known also rewa river) did very big penance for lord shiva by establishing shivalinga. She did more than 1000 years penance. From this lord shiva is pleased and boon her that every stone found in your river will be worshipped as me.

By only great merit we get chance to go narmada river for pilgrimage. The importance of bathing in narmada river and worshipping narbada shivalinga are as follows.

  1. washes all sin.
  2. Pleases shiva parvati and mother narmada,ganga and yamuna.
  3. Mother ganga(holy river ganges) give benefits after drinking or touching her water but narmada river just by seeing her cleanes all sin.
  4. Worshipping narmada shivalingam pleases all god like shiva parvati,laxmi vishnu. Worshipper is blessed with long life,prosperity,divine knowledge and salvation.
  5. Narmada shivling/shaligram can be worshipped by keeping in copper plate or we also have availability of stand. The main mantra or hymn which we have to recite while worshipping narmada lingam is “OM NAMA SHIVAYA”
narmada river

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