Dash avatar shaligram

Dash avatar means 10 incarnation of lord vishnu in different period of time. Dash avatar shaligram consist 10 shaligram shila stone. They are

  1. Buddha shaligram – Lord buddha (son of suddhodhan & Mayadevi)
  2. Krishna shaligram – Lord krishna (son of devaki & vasudev)
  3. Rama shaligram – Lord Ram (son of dashratha & mother kausalya)
  4. Parashuram shaligram – Lord parshuram (son of Jamadagni and mother Renuka)
  5. Vamana shaligram – Lord Vaman (Son of sage kashyap and aditi(mother of god).
  6. Narasimha shaligram – Lord appeared with own will as lion face and human body to save his devotee prahlad. Lord krishna says in gita i am prahlad among daitya.
  7. Varaha shaligram – Lord appeared to save mother earth in form of boar. 
  8. Kurma shaligram – Lord kurma (lord vishnu) hold mountain madarachal at time of samundra manthan (churning of ocean) in form of tortoise. 
  9. Kalki shaligram – Lord will appear in last stage of kaliyuga (last phase of time in son of vishnu yesha and mother sumati.
  10. Matsya shaligram – First incarnation of god vishnu at last period of satya yuga. Lord vishnu appeared in form of Fish. Lord inform king and 7 sages about arrival of pralaya. King and sages save vedas and puranas.
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