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1 to 14 Mukhis Rudrakshas

Variety of Rudraksha Beads – Different type of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is symbol of God Shiva. Rudraksha,a very important and mystical bead of Hindu mythology and medication is a kind of natural fruit which is grown in the eastern hilly areas of Nepal.

It has a very high profile in Tantrism and Spiritualism. It is very widely used and worshipped as source of good-luck,good health,prosperity,medicinal values,sucess,gains and most importantly eradication of evil and immortal forces.

It is mostly used as a garland or bangle. Devotees around Pashupati are seen wearing these mystical Rudrakshas. These beliefs are very deep rooted in Hinduism. Details of different types of Rudraksha who are 1 to 14 mukhis rudraksha has been mention in this Publish . For Rudraksha story. You can visit here.

One mukhi Rudraksha is symbolizes to the Goddess Laxmi and Lord Shiva. The original among these is a very rare kind to find.

Om hreeh Namah

It is normally available in the shape of half moon.The regular worshipper of this Rudraksha is always believed to possess affluence and worldy goods.Hence,it is also considered highly efficient by the business community. It helps on attaining wishes with fruitful results.It have natural 1 line on Rudraksha so it is known as one mukhi rudraksha bead. GOOD for BLOOD Pressure & Heart Diseases. Read More

Two mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to ARDHA Nareshwar (Shiva and Parvati).

Om Namah

Those who wear it,are believed to have immense fame. It denotes trustworthiness and devotion. It reflects efficiently on married life of a couple. It have natural 2 lines on Rudraksha so it known as two mukhi rudraksha bead. GOOD for Mental Peace and Pregnancies. Read More

Three mukhi Rudraksha is symbolizes to the Lord Brahma,Vishnu & Mahesh. It also denotes to ‘God Fire'(Agnidev).

Om Klih Namah

It is helpful in increasing the knowledge and concerntration. It is helpful in increasing the knowledge of wealth. It is highly effective to the school children who donot possess god gifted ability. It have natural 3 lines on Rudraksha so it is known as three mukhi rudraksha bead. GOOD for Eliminating Depression and Psychologycal Disorders. Read More

Four mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to the Lord Brahma (God of birth/creation).

Om Hreeh Namah

It is good for meditation and yoga. It increases confidence and devotional power. It have natural 4 lines on rudraksha so it is known as four mukhi rudraksha bead. Good for Arthritis Patients and BP Diorders. Read More

Five mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to the Lord Shiva (Shiva as Lord Pashupati and kalagni rudra).

Om Hrih Namah

Wearing Paanch mukhi(5mukhi) means instrumental in attaining a long and peaceful life. It is highly effective kind. Wearing a garland of small beads of paanch mukhi or drinking water in which paanch mukhi is soaked are deemed highly effective for curing many diseases. It have natural 5 lines on rudraksha bead so it is known as five mukhi rudraksha. Good for Heart Diseases,BP or Mental imbalance. Read more

Six mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to the God Kartikaya. First son of lord shiva. Second one is ganesha.

Om hrih huh Namah

It increases confidence and helps maintain Brahmacharya. Wearing this kind can help one attain over anger,greediness and improper thoughts. It have natural 6 lines on rudraksha bead so it is known as six mukhi rudraksha. GOOD for skin and Neck Disease. Read More.

Seven mukhi Rudraksha is symbolizes to the Saptamatrika.Wearing Seven mukhi rudraksha brings sucess,name and fame and a highly vibrant personality. It is also known as Kamdev.

Om Huh Namah

Those wearing saat mukhi(7mukhi) are usually found to be highly attractive in circle. It also helps in attaining attracting power. It have natural 7 lines on rudraksha bead so it known as seven mukhi rudraksha. GOOD for Sexual Disorders. Read More.

Eight Mukhi Rudraksha represents to the Lord Ganesh(The God of prosperity).

Om huh namah

It affects spread your name abroad and brings the winning power in oneself. One is also believed to receive wealth from unforseen sources. It is consedered to bring peace in home life and deemed good while starting anything in good faith. It brings prosperity in business. It have natural 8 lines on rudraksha so it is known as eight mukhi rudraksha bead. GOOD for Eyesight and Skin Diseases. Read More.

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to the Goddess Navadurga(the Goddess of Power).

Om Hrih Huh Namah

It is considered to possess nine kinds of different power and very powerful kind. One is believed to receive divine power by wearing this kind that helps in eliminating all sorts of fear of evil. It builds self confidence. It have natural 9 lines on rudraksha so it is known as nine mukhi rudraksha bead. GOOD for reducing physical Illness and Common Tiredness. Read More.

Ten mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Lord Bishnu (Maha Vishnu/Great vishnu is Lord of Protect) himself.

Om hreeh huh namah

This Rudraksha is supposed to have tenth incarnation of lord Vishnu,By wearing this Rudraksha,one receives immense sucess in job,and other day to day activities. One who wears has his worldly and eternal wishes are believed to be fulfiled.This Rudraksha is also considered highly effective in social services,art and crafts. It have natural 10 lines on Rudraksha bead so it known as ten mukhi rudraksha. Helps Maintain Sound Mental Fitness. Read More

Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to the Lord Hanuman(the God of Victory). It is considered to possess immanse power.

Om Hrih Huh Namah

The wearer of this Rudraksha always attains victory and wealth. This is highly effective for female. It affects on husband’s well being,long life,prosperity and good luck are amazingly beneficial. It have natural 11 lines on Rudraksha bead so it is known as eleven mukhi rudraksha. Good for Lever Diseases and Intoxicating Disorder. Read More.

Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic to the Sun God (Surya-devta). Wearing this enables a human to have an ever shining personality.

Om ka chau ra rai namah

His fame spreads all across and he receives respect as an important personality in the community he lives in. It helps one attain enhanced power of expression,political affluence or qualities of a Leader. It is highly recommended for people at Powerful positions. It have natural 12 lines on Rudraksha Bead so it is known as 12 mukhi rudraksha. GOOD for Skin and Heart Diseases. Read More

Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha is Symbolic to the Lord Kamdev(The God of Attraction).

Om hreeh Namo Namah

It helps in increasing the sexual power in human and enables one to be fit in sense. If one wears this Rudraksha,it helps in obtaining the power to fulfill sexual desires. It also helps in obtaining attraction of the opposite sex towards onself. It have natural 13 lines on Rudraksha Bead so it is known as 13 mukhi Rudraksha. ALSO as Good for BP Control. Read More.

Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha is considered as the way to Kuber (The God of Treasure).

Om Namah

This is also very rare kind to find. As per the Hindu mythology,this Rudraksha is also symbolix of the fourteen forms of Vidya(knowledge), Manu(progenitor of human-race), Indra(king of heaven) and Lok (Region/universe/world) respectively. Rudrakshas as it contains almost all benefits of two mukhi rudraksha through 14 mukhi rudraksha. It is truly good for businessmen. It have natural 14 lines on Rudraksha Bead so it is known as Fourteen mukhi Rudraksha. It increases the sixth sense in humans. Useful in Right Decision Making. Read More .

Gaurishanker Rudraksha Symbolizes to the Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. It is naturally bind together making it to appear two in one.

Om Gauri Shankaraye Namah

Gauri is name of Goddess Parvati and Shankar is name of god shiva. It is believed that who wear Gaurishankar are always blessed by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This is not only good for a happy married life but also helpful for young unmarried youth. GOOD for smoothening of Planetary Forces Around Oneself and Prevention from Accidents and Sudeen Death. Read More

Ganesh Rudraksha represents to the Lord Ganesh. It has natural line(trunk) coming out of the basic body of Rudraksha like Lord Ganesh’s face because it is known as Ganesh Rudraksha.

Om Ganeshaye Namah

It helps effectively in starting of a venture or a project or any devotional activities or even in relaunching of loss making ventures. GOOD for Business & Prosperity. Read More.

Ek mukhi Savaar Dana is no different than the Goddess Laxmi (The Goddess of Wealth) and Lord Shiva itself.

Om hrih Namah

It naturally develops in a half moon shaped and is only available in Nepal. It is also known as reflector of Ek mukhi Rudraksha (one mukhi rudraksha).It is highly effiecient in business,overall growth and accumulating wealth. It should be worshipped by placing it either in treasure or in Pujaghar(worship room). Helpful for Ruin Business. Read More


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