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Ekadashi Story – Ekadashi date and name – Ekadashi Mahima(greatness glory of ekdashi fast and day).

Ekadashi name and day –

  1. Baisakh – Baruthini and Mohini Ekadashi (2020 april 18 and May 3 2020).
  2. Jestha – Apara and Nirjara(nirjala) Ekadasi (2020 May 18 and June 2,2020)
  3. Aasad – Yogini and Sayini Ekadashi (2020 Jun 17 and July 1,2020)
  4. Shrawan – Kamika and Putrada Ekadashi ekadashi (2020 July 16 and July 30,2020).
  5. Bhadra – Aja and Padma Ekadashi ( 2020 august 15 and aug 29,2020)
  6. Ashwin – Indira and Papakunsha Ekadashi (sep 13 2020 and sep 27 2020).
  7. Kartik – Rama and prabodhini ekadashi. (oct 13,2020 and oct 27,2020)
  8. Margashirsa/mangshir – Utpati and Moksha/mochya ekadashi.(nov 11 2020 and nov 25,2020)
  9. Push – Safala and putrada ekadashi (dec 11,2020 and dec 25,2020)
  10. Magh – Sattila and Jaya ekadashi (jan 9 2021 and jan 24,2021)
  11. Falgun Vijaya and Amalaki ekadashi (feb 27,2021 and feb 23,2021)
  12. Chaitra – Papmochani and Kamada ekadashi (march 9,2021 and mar 24,2021) + april 7 2021
  13. Purshotam mass/month – Kamala anad Kamada ekadashi.(extra month in hindu calendar which come every 3 years)
  14. Sayani ekadashi is also known as hari sayani ekadashi. In this day lord vishnu sleep and wake up in Prabhodhini ekadashi. Prabodini ekadashi is also known as hari bodhani ekadashi (lord vishnu wake up day).
At very top left god brahma,at top right lord shiva worshipping lord vishnu by folding his hand(namaste) and down goddess laxmi at service of lord vishnu. Goddess laxmi is goddess of wealth and wife of lord vishnu.

Ekadashi day or Ekadashi fasting is very great day in hinduism. Main purpose of ekdashi day is fasting to lord vishnu,to please him. Ekadashi even remove sin like brahmahatya”killing of brahmin”.Ekadashi falls on every 11th of lunar month. Every month two ekadashi fall in single month. There is also interesting story about pandav regarding ekadashi. Among Five brother(five pandava) and mother kunti brother whose name name was ‘Bhim’ used to not fast on any ekdashi and at auspicious time Bhim ask to sage vyas, I feel very hungry,i should eat heavy,mouse will run if i donot eat. What should i do no now. After it sages vyas replied and say to observe “Nirajala ekadashi” which provide equal benefits of all ekadashi. We should not take any food and water in this ekadashi,next morning after praying to lord vishnu,and giving donation to brahmin we can eat anything.We should eat after sunrise.

Story of Ekadashi – Ekadashi tithi mahima

Once yodhistira (incarnation of dharmaraj or biggest brother among Pandav ask Lord krishna. Dear god! How is holy ekadashi origin?,Why is known as sacred in world?,and how it become favourite to god/

Lord krishna says ‘kuntinandan’! – It was very ancient time,In satya yuga,there used to live demon whose name was ‘mur’ . He was very powerful,anger and danger to god. This demon has even won king of heaven’indra’.All god was taken out from heaven from this demon. And god was roaming in earth very scarely. One day all god went to god mahadev(shiva). There Indra said everything to God shiva.

Indra said – Maheshwor(god of god)!,these all god is taken out from heaven and roaming in earth. Being human they donot have beauty.Dev(god)! please say some way. Who does god take shelter?

Mahedev ji(shiva) said ! Devraj(king of god)! where everyone is given shelter,who always look forwar to save everyone . God of world. Where god Garudadwaj(lord vishnu) is you go there. He will save and defense you.

Lord krishna said youdhistir! After listening to mahadev! God indra with all god went there! God gadhadhar(lord vishnu) was sleeping inwater of ocean. After seeing him indra started praying to him by closing his hand(namaste or greeting).

Indra said! dev deveshwor! Namaskar/namaste for you. Both god and demon pray for you. Pundarikachya(lotus eye god) you are enemy of monster(demon). Madhusudan Please save us! Jaggarnath all god came in your shelter with fear of demon whose name is ‘mur’.

Bhaktabatsal(shelter of devotee) ! Save us! dev deveshwor! Save us!

Janardhan ! defense us! defense us! save us! The destroyer of demon ‘kamalnayan’ save us. Dear god we all came in front of you. We are in your shelter. God please help who has come for shelter. God you are god(pati),You are mati(opinion/intellect), You are cause and you are reason. You are mother of all and you are father of all. God, God who provide shelter, devdeveshwor,all god are scared with demon and came in your shelter. Very big giant and anger demon ‘mur’ won all god in heaven and all god is taken out from heaven.

Listening to indra,Lord vishnu said. Devraj! How is this demon? how is his face/body or power?, And where is the living place of this wicked(dusta) demon?

Lord indra said – Dev deveshwor! In old time,in ancestor of Lord brahma there was a origin of one great demon whose name is taljanga. He was very giant. There is a famous place name chandrawati,at that place he live there by making home. This demon won all god and taken out from heaven. He has kept other one indra(king of heaven) in that chair. Fire(agni),chandrama(moon).surya(sun),vayu(air) and varun(water) is also he has kept another. Janardhan! i am telling truth. He has change everything other.He has taken out god from every place.

After listening indra ,Lord janardhan(vishnu) feel very anger. He went chandrawati pur(city) with all god. God see! Demon is making very great sound. By loosing with demon all god went and run in 10 direction.

Now this demon by seeing lord vishnu,he said stand ! stand! Listening to his word lord vishnu eyes became very red with anger. Lord vishnu said: vicious demon! Look at this my hand. After saying this Lord vishnu started hiting demon with bow with came in lord vishnu hand. Demon stand by becoming very scared . Pandunanadan(son of pandu,yudhistir) after it lord vishnu attack demon army with chakra. With this hundred of demon army die. After it lord vishnu went to badariashram(badrinath). There was a cave name singhawati. Who was 100-120 km distance. Pandunanda,there was only one door in this cave. Lord vishnu sleep there. Demon was planning to kill lord vishnu. He went back of lord vishnu. When he reach cave he enter inside it. Demon feel very happy when he see lord vishnu sleeping inside cave. Demon feel, he is god who gives trouble and scare to demon. I will definately kill him. Yudhistir when demon think like this. One girl originated from lord vishnu body. Who was very beautiful,auspcious. She was carrying different weapon in her hand. She was incarnated from energy of lord vishnu part. Her power and courage was very great.

Yudhistir! demon mur see this girl. Girl think of fight and offer fight to demon. Both started fighting. Girl was very intelligent in fight. This mur demon just die and turn into ashes just by sound of girl (hunkar). After the dead of demon,lord vishnu wake up from sleep. Lord vishnu see demon is dead and was in ground. He asked,my this enemy was very powerful and giant,who killed him?

Girl said , God! with your blessing i have killed this great demon.

Lord vishnu said! kalyani ! with your this great work. All sages and god of all there world is feeling happy. So please ask any boon which you wish. Even it is very rare to god i will give to you.There is no doubt on it.

This girl was Sakshat Ekadashi. She said god ! If you are happy, i with your blessing, Me become great among any pilgrimage and tithi(day)! I may be able to remove all obstacles and i may able to provide all kinds of siddhis(enlightment). Janardhan! Those who fast in my day by keeping devotion on you. I may be able to provide them everykind of siddhi(enlightment).

Madhav! those who fast on my day with very devotion,fully surrendered, Please provide them wealth,religious value(dharma) and moksha(salvation).

Lord vishnu said!Kalyani! Whatever yoy say! all will be fulfilled.

Lord krishna said ! yudhistir! After getting this type of boon from lord vishnu,the great fasting day ekadashi became very happy. Both ekadashi of every month is equal fruitful. In this we should not distinguish sukla and krishna ekadashi.

If morning time only little ekadashi,all day dwadashi and at last if there is trayodashi then it is consider as ‘triesprisha’ ekadashi. This is very favourite to god.If we fast one ‘triesprisha’ ekadashi’ then we will get benefits of doing all ekadashi. And when do paran of any ekadashi in dwadashi we will get incountable benefits. Paran means next day of ekadashi. We should worship lord vishnu this day. And offer some fruits and some money to brahmin. And we can have food after that.

In first day If there is ekadashi in day and night. And next day if there is just little ekadashi in morning then. Then we should do ekadashi which fall in morning of dwadashi tithi. Dwadashi mean next day of ekadashi vrat(fast).

I have said this process for both Paksha ekadashi.

Those who do ekadashi vrat(fasting) will go to vaikuntha where lord vishnu live. Those who read glory of ekadashi everytime get benefits of donating incountables cows. Those who read or listen this in day or night he will be free from sin like brahma hatya ‘killing of brahmin or murder’. There is no any fasting or vrat then ekadashi who is able to wash away all kind of sin.

Ekadashi katha is completed. If you wish to visit my small site of rudraksh,Please go here.

Shaligram Importance

Shaligram others name are salagram,saligrama,salagrama,saligram shila or just shaligram. These name are spoken according to place and region.But most used word is simply “shaligram“.

Shaligram is sacred stone found in Kali gandaki river (oldest name – Krishna gandaki river) which flows from damodar kunda in western Nepal.

Shaligram  is direct symbol of lord vishnu(hindu god of presever). For Shaligram idol and statue we also say shaligram shila or shaligram moorti. Shaligram is found with chakra,without chakra,round and different shape. Black shaligram is mostly worshipped and is very auspicious to worship black color saligram. Other color shaligram are blue,yellow which are good. Red is not worshipped in house but temple. Worship of shaligram Pleases lord vishnu.

Only single tulsi leaves offered in morning puja to shaligram pleases bhagwan vishnu. But we should not offer tulsi(holy basil) leaves in night.

Image – shaligram with emblem(chakra mark) and Round shaligram

In different puranas (hindu scripture) we can find shaligram meaning,story,method of worship,benefits and importance along with its different names (type) and identifications.

Lord vishnu has incarnated himself in different form in different yuga(time). There are total four stages of time in hinduism,they are satya yuga,treta,dwapar and kaliyuga.Lord vishnu incarnate himself in many form to protect his devotees and to save the world.

Different types of shaligram is worshipped according to different form of lord vishnu.

Some of the name of saligram are,krishna shaligram,Rama shaligram,laxmi narayan shaligram etc are varity types and names of shaligram. There are more than 108 types of shaligram. Whose most of the information is found on our Site.

Shaligram are only found in gandaki river,muktinath Nepal. Except nepal it is not found in other place. If found,it donot look like nepal shaligram. The importance of gandaki river is found in puran(hindu scripture). The south indian devotees identify this place among 108 divya desam (sacred site of lord vishnu). Yog vasistha “conversation of lord ram and his guru vasistha” mentions the visit and importance of God Ram in this place.

Shaligram have natural wheel emblem,which are known as Chakra. And those who worship shaligram which have chakra on it are very blessful person in this world. And shaligram are also found in round shape. Round shaligram are also very auspicious. They are very divine because they are form of lord krishna (laddu gopal).

Shaligram are found with chakra or without chakra, round or oval or flat shape. Shaligram are found in varity color but common in worship is black. Black is auspicious where as  other auspicious color saligram are white,blue,green,yellow etc. RED color shaligram is prohibited (not allowed) to worship in house. Red bring quarrel,disturbance in house. Whereas other any kinds of saligram can be worship.

Very big shaligram is worshipped in temple only. But temple can keep small and medium size shaligram as well. Specially for house worshipping medium and small shaligram is Best.

Importance of  Shaligram shilas.

1) Shaligram worship pleases lord vishnu,kul devta,ista devta ,laxmi narayan,shivaparvati.

2) Shaligram worship pleases Maha laxmi (Goddess of wealth), Durga mata (Goddess of power/protector) and Maha Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge).

3) Those who worship shaligram in house and bath shaligram every day with pure water or Panchamrit. And offer the food (naivedam) every day are great devotees in this entire world. These house have blessing of Annapurna mata(mother of rice). The Sin which has been done in 100 birth will  be washed  away of these great devotees. And after end of life,finally attain Vishnu loka or vaikuntha(home of lord vishnu).

4) Worship of shaligram provide four important values in their life ,1) Dharma (religious value), 2) Artha(economy value), 3) Kam(Pleasure/satisfaction), 4) Moksha (salvation or free from birth or blissful happiness).

5) While worshipping Shaligram,we must offer tulsi leaves to shaligram. Only keeping single leaves of tulsi to saligram pleases lord vishnu. Tulsi leaves is very much favourite to lord Vishnu. So if  tulsi leaves is available. We must offer to shaligram. And we can start prayer to lord shaligram(vishnu). Tulsi saligram marriage ceremony is celebrated every year in hindus homes/temples.

6) All god vishnu,laxmi,shiva,durga,ganesh,krishna ram,yama,kuber,narad etc are happy to this great devotees who worship  shaligram and wear Rudraksha beads in house and body.

Some of the many names of shaligram

1) Sudarshan shaligram 2) Vishnu shaligram 3) Shiva shaligram 4) Laxmi Narayan shaligram 5) Laxmi narasimha shaligram

6) Kurma shaligram 7) Matsya shaligram 8) Varaha shaligram 9) Ram shaligram 10) Vaman Shaligram

11) Parshuram Shaligram 12) Krishna Shaligram 13) Narasimha shaligram 14) Budha Shaligram

15) Kalki Shaligram 16) Balaram shaligram 17) Santhan gopal shaligram 18) Laddu gopal shaligram

19) Hayagriva shaligram 20) Damodar shaligram 21) Hiranya garva shaligram 22) Ratna garbha shaligram

23) Govinda shaligram 24) Madhusudan shaligram 25 ) Gopal Shaligram  26) Damodarkund shaligram

27) ugra,jwala,malola and other narasimha shaligram 28) Balaji (ventakesh shaligram)

29) Laxmi shaligram  30) Sita Rama shaligram 31) Panchayan shaligram (Panchayan means Five different shaligram , they are ganesh,durga,surya,shiva,vishnu),32) laxmi shaligram

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pashupatinath Temple – God pashupati/Shiva.

Pashupatinath temple is famous temples for all hindus and shiva devotees around the world. Pashupatinath temple is temple of lord shiva. Pashupatinath temple is situated in kathmandu,nepal. It is also listed in world heritage site of Nepal.

shiva parvati

The shivalinga situated at Pashupatinath temple is known lORD PASHUPATI. Deity is also known as jyotirlinga (brighten face/brighten idol).

Lord pashupati have total  4 face in 4 gates.  Four face name is aghor,bamdev,saddojat,tatpurush. And head or hair part (palate) above all four face is worshipped as ishana. So total 5. Ishana or ISHAN means lord shiva favourite and great name. Here is the eight name of shiva derived in shiva puran. They are mahadev,ishan,bhava,sarva,bhima,pashupati,rudra,ugra.

Camera is not allowed inside the temple so to take  image of main deity of  pashupatinath is not allowed . Other things which are not allowed in temple are shoes,leather belt,bag or jacket. And also be aware of monkey if you are carrying banana and fruits in hand. Also be aware with pickpocketers if you are wearing valuable oranment. Please save your purses and bag.

Image – Entrance Gate of lord pashupatinath and Similar looking to pashupatinath shivalinga (situated in sacred place of nepal but not main pashupatinath shivling).

Image – Devotees gather inside temple in monday(shiva day). East view of Pashupatinath temple (from the bank of bagmati river).

Image – Crowded pashupatinath in shiva festival “shivaratri” which comes every year. West view of pashupatinath,gate at west(main entrance gates of temples).

Pashupatinath origin story

– Pashupatinath (appearance of lord pashupati) shivalinga have many origin story. We discuss here two story about pashupatinath.

  1. quarrel between brahma and vishnu – Lord vishnu and brahma was quarreling and fighting saying that i am bigger than you. I came first. At that time shiva came with huge jyotirling(shivalinga) and says those who find begining and end of this shivalinga will be great. Lord vishnu went down and brahma dev went above. But both could not find it in 1000 years also. So vishnu return and pray shiva. But brahma tell lies and bring flower ketaki and one cow to reveal that he has seen it. After it shiva curse brahma(not be worshipped),ketaki flower(not used in shiva worship and kamdhenu cow(not used her mik). Lord vishnu get boon that he will be worshipped every where.
  2. Story of kamdhenu Cow – There is also story of lord pashupatinath and kamdhenu cow regarding origin of lord pashupati. There was a farmer. He has many cow. One of the cow always used to offer milk in plain land everyday. Farmer was curious why she didnot gave milk. So he went back of cow where she goes. Farmer saw cow offering milk in plain land. All farmer of that time dig the land where cow used to offer milk. Farmer found the brighten shivalinga. It is believed that all person who saw that brighten shivalinga was dead due to its fire or brightness (became bhasma or turns into ash). The light of shivalinga started threaten all three world. After the appearance of shivalinga it is said that lord vishnu,brahma,indra and other god came here and establish four face and hide light of shivalinga. They started praying for long time with “om nama shivaya” mantra after it god shiva was pleased and boon to all gods.

Imagepashupatinath shivalinga somewhere in museum and normal shivalinga. Normal or plain shivalinga is worshipped in most of the house and temples. Where as only lord pashupati is self appeared god with 4 face. Pashupatinath is also known as bhu linga (bhu mean earth:ie self appeared god).

Festivals Celebrated in Pashupatinath temple Nepal.
  1. shivaratri – Shivaratri is birth day of shiva which falls on month of falguna(feb-march). Holy bath to pashupatinath shivalinga is done from morning to night. Total 8 prahar (time of shiva). It is the most crowded festival in nepal,specially every shiva temple is filled up.
  2. teej or hari talika teej – It is celebrated by mostly women and girls for the long life of husband and children and to get good husband. It falls on month of bhadra(aug-sept).
  3. balachaturdashi – Many people from different village and city of nepal gather at area of pashupatinath and stay whole night by lighting oil lamp(diya) for the welfare of death ancestors/family. Pashupatinath area is sacred area. In this auspicious days gems of frog(paras mani),nag mani(gems of snake),ek mukhi rudraksha (shiva beads) is available for looking(darshan) for one day.
  4. Shravan month and mainly every shravan monday – Shravan month and every shravan monday is favourite to lord shiva. Shravan month is the month on which mother parvati fastest for shiva to get shiva husband (shrawan month is late july to august).
  5. Ekadashi – Ekadashi is sacred day which fall every month two time. In this day every shiva and vishnu temple of nepal is crowded. It falls in 11 lunar days which passes two time in hindu calendar.
  6. Every monday – Monday is favourite to Lord shiva. Monday is also known as Somvar or sombar which means days of shiva parvati. And shiva along with parvati(uma). Worshipping shiva in monday pleases shiva and mother parvati.
  7. Other festival are Purnima(full moon day),Navratri,Krishna astami,Saraswoti puja, deepawali,vaikuntha chaturdashi etc.
Different God and Goddess temple inside Pashupatinath temple

There are many god and goddess inside pashupatinath temple. here are some of the list of god/goddess (devi devta).

  1. North – Basuki nag raj temple(basuki is snake worn by lord shiva in his neck,temple is dedicated to lord basuki), Big trident or trishul ,Ardhanareshwor(shivaparvati), many shivalinga,baglamukhi,surya,bhairav etc.
  2. South – Big bhairav whose name is “unmatta” which falls on eight bhairav(asta bhairava), Kriti mukh bhairav(one head bhairav),64 shivalinga temple,Natrajeshwor mahadev,many shivalinga,bhimsen,navagrah(9 planet), ganesh,nine durga or sapta matrika include dakshinkali,bel leaves tree etc.
  3. West – Hanuman,Satya narayana,many shivalinga,bel leaves trees,saraswoti,many shivalinga etc.
  4. East – Sleeping vishnu,saraswoti,ganesha,asta chirangeevi,mukti mandap (place to rest for salvation),krishna,many shivalinga,surya narayana.

In Outside temple premises also we can find many temples of varity of god in pashupatinath area. Like Sita ram temple,laxmi narayan temple,many shivalinga,gorakhnath temple,mrigasthali jungle(where shiva walked as deer), bagmati river (originated from shiva mouth,while laughing the water from shiva mouth fell in land which give origin to bagmati river) and other many sacred temple and deity is situated in pashupatinath area.

Cremation area or Ghat – Similar as kashi(india famous temple) , Pashupatinath temple have ghat where death person is burned every day. These ashes are thrown to bagmati river,because bagmati river is sacred river which originated from shiva mouth.

image – creamtion at ghat of pashupatinath

Pashupatinath pancha brahma maha mantra –  Five Face mantra

– Main mantra to please lord shiva is “Om nama shivaya”  or “nama shivaya” whereas Pashupati mantra or worship is also done through pashupati mantra. It is described in shiva puran that lord krishna took pashupati fast to please lord shiva. Reciting pashupati mantra pleases lord shiva .

  1. west face of pashupatinath – Sadhyojata is name of lord shiva. Sadhyojata is west face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is “Om Sadhyojatam prapadami Saddhojataye wei namo namah Bhave bhave nati bhave bhavasomam bavodh bhavaye namah”.
  2.  North face of pashupatinath – Bamdev or vamadeva is name of lord shiva. Bamdev is north face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is ” Bamadevayo namah jesthaye namah Shresthaye namah rudraye namah kalaye namah kala vikaranaye namo bala vikaranaye namo balaye namo bala pramathanaye namah. Sarva bhuta damanaye namo manonmanaye namah
  3. South face of pashupatinath – Aghor is name of lord shiva. It is said that aghor is best mantra to please lord shiva. Lord shiva said among mantra i am aghor. Aghor is south face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is ” Om aghor re bhyo tha ghore bhyo ghora ghora tarabhya sarvebhya sarva sarbhevyo namaste astu rudra rupepbhya”.
  4. East face of pashupatinath – Tatpurush is name of lord shiva. Tatpurush is east face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is “Om tatpurushaye vidmahe mahadevaya dhimahi tanno rudra prachodayat”.
  5.  Palate(तालु ) – Ishan is name of lord shiva. Ishan is palate face name of lord pashupati. His mantra is “Ishana sarva vidyanam,ishwora sarva bhutanam brahmadhi pati brahmano adhipati brahma sivo meh astu sada shivoham”.

Video for pashupati mantra and shiva shiva bhajan

– Pashupati tanaya bala gajanana

Our shop at Pashupatinath

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Muktinath and Gandaki river

Shaligram is Sacred holy Stone found in River Gandaki,muktinath Nepal. Shaligram is symbol of god vishnu (krishna).

Muktinath Temple – Kaligandaki River Nepal

Sri Muktinath is Also known as Mukti kshetra and Mukti dham Because it is place to get Mukti (Salvation or moksha). And Place to remove all our sin of past life,this life.. It is said that any one who realized all their mistake and donot commit sin again knowingly will get Mukti (freedom from trouble) by worshipping here and visiting this pure place..

Muktinath is Famous Sacred Religious place to all Hindus , Strict Vaisnav and Buddhist Devotees due to residential of lord vishnu,shiva and brahma in this Holy site. There are many famous temple in Nepal in which muktinath also takes place to all hindus devotees.

There is also many other Famous and important Temple and Gumba(Stupa) in muktinath. Except hindu devotees. Many trekkers also visit muktinath dham due to incountable beauty and culture of himalayas

Many Trekkers and Visitors is also attracted to view Mountain annapurna From very near from muktinath. Mount annapurna is 3rd highest Mountain of World .. Mountain Annapurna is named after hindu mother Goddess (Mother of rice).. Sometime mother annapurna is also known as mother parvati (wife of god shiva)..

Muktinath Temple Muktinath(Lord vishnu) with Laxmi Saraswati

Road way

Location, Distance and Geography

Muktinath is Situated in 3749 m Above Sea level in an Isolated Valley of the Vast Snowy Wilderness of the Himalayas.

– The Famous Muktinath lies in Mustang District of Dhawalagiri Zones ,North-West of Nepal, Muktinath Temple Can be Reached After 6 Hours journey From The Holy and Hindu Ritual Ceremony observing Place Name as “KAGBENI” or ‘KAGBENI KUNDA’ which also lies in Mustang.

So About The Famous Pilgrimage and Valley Site of Muktinath it is about 70 Miles(2 days) From North of Pokhara City Valley and 3 days From Kathmandu City By Bus.Kathmandu is Capital City where Only One International Airport of Whole Nepal is Situated ,where every visitors is checkout in entry of Nepal,After entering kathmandu city,many visitors plan to visit Different Sacred Place of Whole Nepal.

Religion – Vaisnava/Hindu and Buddhist .

Cast – Brahmin,Vaisnava,Tibetan,Sherpa,Lama,Himalayan People and Few Migrated hilly people.

Muktinath Temple

Muktinath Temple is One of the Four Great Pilgrimage of Nepal. Muktinath is Famous Due to its Famous Temple Muktinath,Lord vishnu Temple(Mandir). The Image(Murti) of Lord Lord Vishnu is Placed in Small Pagoda Temple.Both Hindu/Vaisnava and Buddhist Worship with Great Veneration. We can see lord vishnu,along with laxmi Saraswati in Temple and Different Devidevta(Lord/lordess) in inside temple.

According to Different Hindu Mythology Script and Glory,The Epic of Muktinath is Described as Sanskrit Manta –

“मुक्तिहेतो : कृतो यज्ञओ ब्रहाअण योग संज्ञक://

मुक्तिक्षत्रमिति ख्यात तासमालोके घटोद्रब्//

प्रत्यअक्ष येत्र रुद्रोशाःबगति मुर्तिधरइस्तता//

विष्णुचाम्रित मुर्तिस्च होताजस्तत्र कि पुन ://

लोकाश्चतुबिधोद्रबता: स्नान्त्वा यत्र कलेवरम //

तेक्ता मुक्ति प्राप्नुबन्ति मुक्तिक्षेत्र तत् स्मृतम//

English Meaning – ” Once God Brahma Did Yog Rup Yagya to attain Mukti(Salvation),So this place is Famous as Muktichetra, On Muktinath, God Shiva is Situated as Agni Rup(Fire Form),Lord Vishnu as Water form and Brahma as ‘The’ or ‘होता’ Form,So who Can described a Such a Holy and Spirtual Place?, where god vishnu,shiva and Brahma live together.

In Temple there is 108 WaterSpouts and Trapta Kunda(Pond),Where All Four Varanas(All Cast) People Attain Salavation(Mukti) who Even Bath and Drinks Water in Once ever in Life.The all sin will be washes and attain blessing of Hari(lord Narayan).

शिव पुराण अनुसार – ” तदा रानम्ममुक्तिनाथख्य शिवलिंगम महाद्रभुतम//

दर्शनाद्चनातस्य भुक्तिमुक्तिस्च लब्यते//

(According to shiva puran,51),Thus who worship and darshan of Advut Muktinath Shivalinga and bath in kunda will attain both Mukti and Bhukti.

Home of lord Shaligram – Kaligandaki River (Muktinath).

Kaligandaki River is Also Known as Krishna Gandaki River as Ancient names,the Holy ganges river related to Krishna(lord vishnu). In Gandaki river,lord vishnu himself reside as being Shaligram shila,so gandaki river is important and main powerful holy river in world. Shaligram is direct Symbol of lord vishnu.Shaligram is one of the main incarnation of lord vishnu in form of Murti(stone).

The Bank of Kaligandaki river in Muktinath, and the Vicinity of Damodar Kunda,north of muktinath are only Found Sri Shaligram shila and no where else in world.The importance and Significance of Shaligram is described Detailly in Agni puran,Devi bhagavat gita,skanda purana etc most of Supreme hindu Scripts.

According To vishnu Puran – Lord Vishnu incarnated Himself in form of Saligram(Holy stone),Tulsi (holy bassil),Peepal trees(holy tree) and Kush (holy grass),due to curse of Women Brinda,Wife of Devil Jalandhar.So Shaligram is Found in Chakra marks,Symbol and in every form of shaligram because lord vishnu ordered lord Bishwakarma(lord of artitecture) to makes beautiful stone in my shaligram.

Lord Vishnu said to Lord vishwakarma that -Hey Bishwakarama,you makes my saligram different chakra and design being Inscect Bagrakeeta(water insect),so it is now also shaligram is found in different chakra and marks.

Drinking holy godly water of kaligandaki river will attains happiness and purify their bodies,Those person will consider as pure human in world.Those who Do their Ancestor Yearly Ceremony or those who go pilgrimage to Kaligandaki river muktinath any time once in life time will attain lord vishnu hood and washes all their sin done in every past,present life and finally attains mukti(salvation),the journey to Baikuntha(lord vishnu home) after birth cycle in earth

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DamodarKunda – Damodar kunda also lies in muktinath.DamodarKunda is Place where lord vishnu in form of Damodar direct dwells. Damodar Kunda is also known as Only one resting water Pond (Kunda) and home of lord vishnu in universe.Lord vishnu rest in Damodarkunda.

Above Picture – gandaki river nepal

About damodarkunda– Even reading this text of damodarkunda provides moksha. It is 7 days far from gandaki river,jomsom river, and muktinath.From most place of around Nepal,every cast people comes to bath in damodar kunda every year as well as many indian and American Bhaktajan.Rarely Saligram is also found in Damodar Kunda luckily. It is Said that any one who observe Pitri(ancestor)Worship and offering in Damodar kund,pleases their ancestor in heaven.All Ancestor will attain Baikuntha loka due to offering and worship done by their Son or Grandson in Damodarkunda.

History of Muktinath .

Muktinath or Muktikshetra ,A names is Derieved From Sanskrit Language,Muktinath is composed of Two words Mukti and Nath. Where mukti means Salvation and Nath means god. Muktikshetra is Derived is composed of two words, Mukti mean lord of Salvation and Kshetra means Residential place.

Muktinath is a such a place where different devotee from South Asia,Western country and mostly Indian Devotee Visit to attain Mukti(Salvation),freedom from cycle of Birth and rebirth.

According to most hindu Devotee ” This World is an Illusion,the earliest one gets out of it the better,and visit to muktinath will help to attain free from illusion”.It is Said that One Should Visit Muktinath after completing Char Dham Yatra(four Powerful Pilgrimage worship) Sites. According to Religious Book it is said that Muktinath is also 51th Shakti peeths.

According to Some Sri Vaisnva Devotee,Muktinath is also known as Salagrama,the home of lord vishnu.Salagrama is lord vishnu himself,found in muktinath,One of the name of lord vishnu.MuktiDham is only place to attain lord narayana.So Some devotee spend oldage whole life in muktinath to please lord vishnu.

Buddhist – Buddhist Calls Muktinath Valley the ‘Chuming Gyasta’,which means ‘Hundred Waters’ in Tibetan Language. According to Different Buddhist in Muktinath,Muktinath is also very important place of Dakinis,Goddess Known as Sky Dancers and one of the 24 Tantric Places.They Believe the idol of Muktinath to be Manifestation of Avalokiteshwara.

The Temple of Muktinath is small in comparison with other Temples.It is One of the most ancient Hindu temples of God vishnu. The Pagoda Style of Muktinath is Symbol of Religious Harmony between Hindu and Buddhist.

Hindu Regards Muktinath as Lord vishnu,where as Buddhist regard as Buddha.The Idol is made of gold and tall is enough to compare with man.

According to Sri Vaisnva and Sriman Narayana,Muktinath is One of the 8 DivyaDesam,Scared Shrines for every Hindu and Vaisnava Known as “Svayam Vyakta Ksetras” which is said to have risen on its own,the Other Seven DivyaDesam are,SriRangam,SriMushnam,Tirupati Balaji(Venatakeshvara),Naimisharanya,Totadri,Pushkar and Badrinath.It is also One of the 108 Vaishnava Shrines(Divya desham).

Pujari(Priest of The Main Temple of Muktinath) – There is an old Buddhist Monk who looks after the temple and worship is Conducted by Buddhist Nuns.A Local nun Manages the Puja in temple.The Piligrims who go there should offer Prasadam to the deity.The Buddhist Pujari offered all ritual Puja in temple.

Main Rules in Muktinath Temple

1 – Photography and Filming of Deities inside Temple and monastries is Strictly Prohibited,we should not take camera inside temple.

2 – This place is Opened throughout the year but specially in Rishitarpani,Ram Nawami,and Bijay Dashami thousand of pilgrims gather to celibrate the festival.

Suitable Climate – Time to Visit Muktinath

The most suitable time to visit muktinath is From March to June and September to November as weather condition would not be favorable to travel in other time. The Journey passes through many archological sites and temples.

Against a Backdrop of incredible Starkness you can sit and stare at snow covered Annapurna range in the south or at the Tibetan Plateou in North.

The temple and Religious Shrines are above 90 Km in elevation above Ranipauwa.There are no hotels and commitee doesnot allow Camping.

The Valley Has Seven Historic Village,Putak,Jhong,Chhyonkhar,Purang,Jharkot and Khinga. Ranipauwa is a New Settelement founded by people of Purang. The main ethnic Group of the valley is Bhotias,sherpa,lama.

Famous and Powerful Temple in Muktinath

1 – Jwala Mai Temple – The Jwala Mai temple (Jwala Mukhi) near by Muktinath temple has a spring and three eternal flames fed by natural gas. Currently two flames are continuously burning. Hindu believes that this miracle of fire lighting was offering made by God Brahma,who is creator of universe.Both Hindu and Buddhit devotee who enter muktinath they worship jwala mother temple with great veneration.It is belived that those who enter jwala mai temple ,washes all health related diseases and sin of wholelife.

2 – 108 Water spots – There is 108 stones water spots(tap) in muktinath. After or before worship of lord muktinath devotees bath here. The water is very cold. It is said that one will be freedom from all sin if we bath in all 108 tap. We can complete bathing within 2-3 minutes in all 108 tap. The god vishnu will be easily pleased.

Hence,origin of sri Shaligram is believed to have  thousand of years old.. Its history can be found in  varity of purana (Religious script) like vishnu puran,shiva puran,bhagvad puran. Shaligram is not found in different river or different Country .. But it is only Found in Nepal. Eventhough if we get chance to collect shaligram in other country out of nepal. But they are not religious important comparing to nepal shaligram shila.The shaligram origin place is gandaki river (Muktinath Dham) which lies in north -west region of Nepal in Mustang district.. The temperature here is cold and in winter heavy snow fall appear in this is holy place.. The famous attraction at this greatest Religious place is Muktinath temple.. The temple is of symbol of lord vishnu and shiva.. At side of lord muktinath Bhu laxmi and saraswati is emblem in left/right of lord muktinath.. At muktinath there is 108 stone tap. It is believed that when we bath together at this 108 tab all sin will be washed aways.

Shaligram is also found in damodar kunda which origin is same river. Damodar kunda is sacred place named after lord damodar(krishna) and kunda meaning holy lake. This lake is large and attraction places to all devotees. Many devotees snan(ritual bath) here. The main purpose at this place is doing sraddh (ceremony for past ancestor)..

Those devotees who visit shaligram origin place,Gandaki river For religious purpose once in life.. The birth of their life is sucess with blessing of lord vishnu …