9 Mukhi Rudraksha – Nine Face Rudraksha

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is known as 9 face rudraksha and Nau mukhi Rudraksha. It has natural nine lines on Rudraksha Bead so this rudraksha is known as Nine Mukhi Rudraksha. It is symbolic to Goddess Navadurga (the goddess of Power). Only by wearing Nine mukhi Rudraksha ‘Navadurga’ (9 durgas or 9 incarnation of goddess Parvati) becomes Happy.

9 mukhi rudraksha is considered to possess nine kinds of different power and very powerful . One is believed to receive divine power by wearing this kind that helps in eliminating all sorts of fear of evil. It builds self confidence.

When invoked,the mother Goddess bless the Wearer with lot of energy,powers,Dynamism and fearlessness,which are useful to live a life of sucess.

Beside Goddess Durga(Goddess Parvati) Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is also symbol of Bhairav and Kapil Muni. In Holy Gita,Lord Krishna says i am sage kapil among siddhas (an ascetic who has achieved enlightenment).

We should wear this rudraksha in our left hand.

Nine mukhi rudraksha is also symbol of dharmaraj(god of religion) this rudraksha protect the wearer from going to negligence way. It builts self confidence. It eliminate from fear of evil.

Nine incarnation of Goddess Parvati Known as Navadurga(9 durgas) name are (Kalratri,Sailaputri,Brahmacharini,Chandraghanta,Kushmanda,MahaGauri,Katyayani,SiddhiDatri and Skanda mata).

The wearer of this rudraksha is blessed with good health,Protection,wealth and his/her sin of many life washed away immediately after wearing it.

The all power of nine durga (9 incarnation of goddess parvati) reside in this rudraksha. So it gives supernatural power to the wearer.

In nine mukhi rudraksha we get seeing of (having darshan) of 9 pilgrimage Kedarnath,pashupatinath,somnath,muktinath,badrinath,vishwanath,jaggarnath ,parashnath and Baidyanath. Shop and read more about 9 mukhi rudraksha @ Read More