7 Mukhi Rudraksha – Seven Face Rudraksha

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is known as 7 face rudraksha and Saat mukhi Rudraksha. This Rudraksha have natural seven lines on Rudraksha Bead so this rudraksha is known as Seven Mukhi Rudraksha. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha symbolize ‘Sapta Martika’ ( 7 mother goddess), Sapta Rishi (seven sages), God Maha Bhag Ananga(God Kamdev) who is god of attraction. This Rudraksha is also representation of Goddess Laxmi (goddess of wealth).

Good wealth is blessed to him/her who wears Seven Faces Rudraksha.It should be worn by those who is suffering financial problem and mental set-up.By wearing 7 faced Rudraksha man can Progress in business and service and spends his life Happily.

This Rudraksha destroy sin of thieving gold. It is also said that seven snake god (nag) bless this rudraksha, Vasuki,karkotak,padmanabh,takshaka,kalia,ananta sesha and pundarik. It is believe that after wearing this rudraksha we donot have to suffer from any kind of poison. This rudraksha also helps to cool down kalpasarpa yog problem if somebody have it in zodiac sign.

This Rudraksha is also bless by god shani(son of surya narayan or Sun God).  This rudraksha is always helpful in providing the justice.

Wearing 7 mukhi rudraksha provides fully compatibility. The special blessing of goddess lakshmi is always presence with the wearer. The wearer is always protected from disease and death. This rudraksha is helpful in disease like effect of weakness in body,abdominal pain,disability,pain in bone and muscle,paralysis,epilepsy,deafness,mental tenson etc.

In present kaliyuga (present time) using Seven mukhi rudraksha has been rised rapidly due to its various benefits. Any one with devotion can wear 7 mukhi rudraksha. Different kinds of holy items,stones also can’t be compared with 7 mukhi rudraksha. Shop and read more about 7 mukhi rudraksha @ Read More