2 mukhi Rudraksha – Two Face Rudraksha

Two mukhi Rudraksha is known as 2 face rudraksha and Dwi mukhi Rudraksha. This Rudraksha have natural two lines on Rudraksha Bead so it is known as two mukhi Rudraksha. Two mukhi Rudraksha is Symbolic to ARDHA Nareshwar (Half God Shiva and Half Goddess Parvati). It is also known as power of shiva and shakti(mother parvati).

It blesses the Wearer with “unity”. It could be related to Guru-Shishya(teacher-students),Parents-children,Husband-wife or friends. Maintaining oneness is its peculiarity.

Those who wear it,are believed to have immense fame. It denotes trustworthiness and devotion. It reflects efficiently on married life of a couple. It can be worn by any one who want to please shiva parvati. It is said that Shivaparvati become happy by seeing those who is wearing or worshipping 2 mukhi rudraksha.

Some of the other name of shivaparvati or 2 mukhi rudraksha are Shiva parvati Rudraksha,Hara Gauri, uma maheshwor, Ardhanareshwor,ShivaShiba etc.

It is also believed that lord agni(flame/fire god) also blesses this rudraksha.

Those who have establish 2 mukhi rudraksha in body, his/her sin of many life is destroyed in the same way that fire burns fuel.

The main god of two mukhi rudraksha is ShivaParvati(ardhanarishvara). The wearer of this rudraksha please,satisfy and is blessed by God Shiva and Mother Parvati. Shop and read more about 2 mukhi rudraksha @ Read More