Shaligram & Rudraksha in Nepal.

Shaligram is holy stones found in Gandaki River Nepal. Shaligram is representation of God Vishnu. Words Shaligram comes from sal tree. We can find about shaligram at devi bhagwat Puran. Worship of shaligram pleases lord vishnu. Shaligram is sacred stone use to worship lord vishnu.Offering tulsi leaves to lord shaligram at time of worship canot be define because lord vishnu is please easily by tulsi leaves.

At the time of death,if we give shaligram bath water or tulsi leaves or ganga jal it provide equal benefits.

Shaligram is found in sacred place muktichetra. This place is also known as saligram place or gandaki river.

Every hindu must keep shaligram and tulsi plant (holy basil) in our home. There is directly presence of lord vishnu in shaligram so we should not do pranpratista(energize) to worship shaligram.

Shaligram is able to provide happiness,dharma artha kama moksha (Religious value,economy value,pleasure and love and salvation).

Those brahmin who worship shaligram in house are lucky among human being. Only by big merit in past life we get chance to worship shaligram.

Lord vishnu shaligram

We also celebrate shaligram marriage ceremony every year with tulsi. This festival is known as shaligram vivah, tulsi shaligram vivah. Tulsi is also known as incarnation of lord vishnu. The favourite place of lord krishna is vrindavan which is name after tulsi. Vrinda is one the name of tulsi devi. Before there used to be jungle of tulsi in vrindavan. Now also many bhaktas(devotees) are saving tulsi in vrindavan,we can see at vrindavan visit. Ban or van means jungle.

Everyone has right to worship shaligram but shudras should not worship shaligram. And in women,chaste women has right to worship shaligram.

All shaligram are very beautiful,emblem with chakra,some without chakra,some are round. Salagram/shaligram are mostly black in colour which is known as auspicious saligram. other auspicious shaligram are yellow,blue etc but we should not worship red at home but can be worshiped in temple.

Laxmi shaligram (Shaligram collection)

Once when all god could not find lord vishnu,they went kailash to seek help of shiva. Lord shiva agreed to take them to lord vishnu. Lord vishnu was meditating in Gandaki river,muktinath or shaligram place(nepal). This place is also favourite to lord vishnu. We canot define importance of this place in words. When lord shiva take all god to lord vishnu.All god started praying him. Lord vishnu open his eyes and describe the importance of this place. It is also place where many rishis,sages,tapaswi did meditation to lord vishnu,shiva.

All god are happy with this person who worship shaligram. There are also variety of shaligram name you can see on left side for example ram,krishna,narayan,vishnu shaligram,govinda shaligram,aniruddha shaligram,matsya,varaha,parshuram,ananta shaligram etc.

The size of shaligram stones varies from small to big. Shaligram are found in small,medium or big size. At home we should keep small or medium shaligram and at temple big or very big shaligram so that all devotee can worship and see shaligram. And get divine bessing of lord vishnu. It is said that where lord vishnu dwells there is always presence of ganga,laxmi and saraswoti. These house are full of wealth,knowledge and purity.

Seeing the rudraksha and shaligram all negative energy,bad and evil spirits,ghost run away far from this house. No mantra or tunas of anyone will be applied to those who worship or wear shaligram and rudraksha divinely.

Worship of shaligram provide positive attitude,supreme knowledge of god,home of lord vishnu. Home of lord vishnu is also known as mukti or salvation.

We should not worship shaligram found out of river bed which are very dry yellow in nature.

Shaligram place is also known as very great place to know and get god. It is believed that lord rama in treta yuga visited this place including 64 shivalinga yatra of nepal. We can find in yog vasistha.

This place is also known as Triveni sangam where saraswoti,ganga and gandaki river meet. Other triveni are prayag raj where ganga,yamuna and saraswoti meet. Gandaki river is able to provide same boon as ganga,sarswoti and yamuna.

In puran we can find many shrine in this place like shiva shrine,vishnu shrine etc.

Lord vishnu order vishwakarma,the god of architecture to be insect and make mark in shaligram. Vishwakarma is also known as bajrakeeta insect who make mark on shaligram in many years by bitting it. The mark is also known lotus,shankha(conch),chakra(wheel like spinning mark),gadha etc.

We must keep shaligram,shankha(conch shell) and tulsi leaves together. We should never take out tulsi leaves by hitting with shankha in plants. We should not take out by being impure and at evening tulsi leaves from plants. Shankha is very favourite to god vishnu. Shaligram,tulsi and shankha keeping together satisfy lord vishnu.

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