There are different types of Shilas (Holy stones or idol of god) that are highly revered in Hinduism. First of all, of course, the Shaligram Shila, (also called Shalagram, Salagram, Saligram), is an incarnation and representation of Lord Vishnu (Protector of the universe). Continue Reading


Rudraksha is name after God Shiva , Rudra meaning god shiva and aksha meaning eye. Rudraksha is Fruits and beads found in hilly region of Nepal. Rudraksha Beads is also used of Indonesia and India as well. Rudraksha is used as Beads and Mala(garland). Mostly garland is made up of 108 five mukhi rudraksha. 108 is auspicious no and five mukhi is normal kinds of Rudraksha. Continue Reading

Different names of Shaligram

Parshuram shaligram, govinda shaligram, narayan shaligram, laxmi narayan shaligram, laxmi narshimha shaligram, laddu gopal shaligram, matsya shaligram, kurma shaligram . Continue Reading